Epworth STW

Epwoth STW is located approximately 2km North-West of Epworth, Lincolnshire and serves a current population equivalent of 7,062from the sub-catchments of Epworth, Belton, Sandtoft and Westgate.

The project was raised to address the new Phosphorus and Storm effluent limits that are being imposed on the receiving water course. An agreement with the EA to transfer final effluent and storm effluent 450m to the River Thorne. To allow this Main Electrical has refurbished the existing Inlet Works and Storm Tanks, and installed a new Double Oxidation Ditch, SAS Thickening Plant, Final Effluent/Storm Pumping Station and Washwater Booster set.

Main Electrical supplied the materials, labour and ancillary services required for the electrical and control equipment associated with the new works under construction by NMCNomenca for Severn Trent.