Craig Hutchby Project Manager North Midland Construction PLC

I am currently with our Site Manager for Strongford Terry Kelleher and would like you to pass on our thanks to the team that we have had at Strongford on the ICA project. They all worked really well together and performed outstandingly for the duration that they were on site.

As you are aware we had a key date to hit of 30th March to have the Sludge Instrumentation installed and the information live on SCADA.

With regards to the fibre installation, it was installed right first time with no issues reported on the testing of the cabling. It was installed as required to programme allowing the network to be live for information to be transmitted to the existing SCADA.

The PST and Sludge route instrumentation was a contained area of work, it required an extensive amount of cable tray to be installed and needed the civil work to be completed for the cable installation to begin.

It’s great to reflect on the challenges that were placed in front of the team and the short duration they had to complete the works but they achieved it beating the key date we had.

Harry was key to leading the team and only praise came from our Site Manager (Terry) for his work ethics and dedication to the project. It was reflected through the team.

Again many thanks and it was a pleasure to have Main Electrical on site.