John Tidy, Contracts Manager at North Midland Construction PLC

Main Electrical have been a contractor for NMCNomenca and Nomenca part of the NMGroup for 6+ years. During this time Main have contributed the successfully completion of numerous projects ranging in value from £10k,s to £110+M. Main have also successfully partnered with NMCNomenca to allow the business to achieve BS11000 accreditation.

Main’s services extend beyond installation, they are capable and willing to work with the design team at all stages from ‘problem identification’ on to ‘outline design’ in to detail and value engineering. Resulting in a high quality and effective installation where safety is of paramount to their working methods. Main’s approach results in a product which is right first time on time and backed by all necessary post installation certification.

Main have an very can do attitude and will often step up to the mark when difficult and sometimes emergence situations are accoutred.

In summary I would recommend Main Electrical for all aspects of electrical design and installation of HV, LV and complex process critical ICA.