Neil Vaughan, Private Customer

Hi Nikki.

My name is Neil Vaughan and I am the eldest son of Beatrice Vaughan – aged 79 years – who resides at the above address. Mum is pretty much immobile and over the last 4 weeks or so – for obvious reasons – the bathroom has been converted in to a wet room.

You may be aware that during the course of the conversion a number of major electrical problems arose, thus necessitating significantly more work than was initially thought.

This resulted in a great deal of (Additional) stress for mum which just added to the overall ‘pressure’ that she felt she was under.

The purpose of this e-mail is to bring to your attention the nature of the fine work carried out by your employees Harry and his colleague, Luke. Both men endeared themselves to mum by way of their patient and understanding manner, personal traits that were displayed at all times and on occasions, were witnessed by myself too.

Realising the need to explain the nature of their work and why it was necessary enabled mum to relax more than she had done at any stage of the prolonged conversion. In addition to their manner, the electrical work that they carried out has been completed to a high standard with little or no fuss. You may be thinking to yourself ‘Well, I’d expect that of them’ and I’m sure that you do but our experience is that not all tradesmen show this type of understanding of a customer nor do they display the type of work ethic both me and my mother came to expect from Harry and Luke.

In conclusion, I just wanted to bring the above to your attention as we both consider it very important that this type of excellent work receives the praise and credit that it deserves.


Neil Vaughan